Week of Aug 19 – Aug 25: More Summer Finales for Suits (USA); Anger Management (FX)

The summer shows are continuing to hit their finales this week, clearing the decks for the 2012 Fall series to debut over the coming weeks.  This week, two Thursday night shows: Anger Management (FX) and Suits (USA) wrap up their summer runs, leaving only Awkward (MTV) left on our Thursday night covered show schedule.

Here’s our full schedule for the week of 8/19:

Here at Sidecastr we are readying our V1.1 update (featuring awesome integration with Facebook) and gearing up to cover a whole slew of Fall series and topical events like the Presidential debates.  We choose which shows to cover based on social TV ratings, requested shows sent in by our user base, as well as some good old fashioned judgement, especially when it comes to brand new series with no social metrics track record.  We’ll be finalizing our schedule in the next couple of weeks, so send us your requests through the app (Request a Show) or email us at show_request@sidecastr.com.

Don’t forget to check out our new VIP Feeds feature

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