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Try watching Mad Men season finale tonight using our final release

Mad Men has its season 5 finale tonight at 10pm ET.  On Saturday we released beta 0.55, our Apple approved App Store version.  We have a few pre-release beta slots available, so if you own an iPad running iOS V5.x, and are a fan of Mad Men or any of our current summer or shows covered in the past, click here to register: http://tflig.ht/JiyOVA.  

The final 1.0 release is sporting our instantly popular Auto-Scroll feature, which may just become the de-facto way of using Sidecastr.  We refer to it as “couch potato” mode: just activate it from the top bar of any sidecast detail page, sit back, watch the show, and let the app pop one (synchronized) sidecast at a time onto the iPad’s screen.  To stop, write a reply, or browse to a referenced web page, just tap once.