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Thursday May 16:  3 Huge Finales!

Thursday: It’s a huge season finale night tonight for Sidecastr!

– American Idol Finale!
– Big Bang Theory Finale!
– Scandal Finale!
– On Saturday… SNL Finale!

You can’t watch all 3 live even if you wanted to… so… grab your iPad, open or download bit.ly/Sidecastr_iPad, and let us deliver you spoiler free, live or later social TV.

SOTU Address 2013: A Visual and Revealing Look Into Social Media’s Real-Time Reactions

Sidecastr mines its database of curated, live-captured social content to offer up a revealing visual look into social media’s real-time reaction to the 2013 State of the Union Address.

Week of 12/2: Hiatus week for NCIS, Mod Fam = repeats = no problem

December – usually mid – begins holiday specials month, and some serials begin to take a ‘sabbatical’ for a few weeks to make room.  We’re a little early for that, as Walking Dead, HIMYM, BBT, TAHM, Glee, and SNL all have new episodes.  But NCIS makes room for the kids’ classic ‘Rudolf…’, and Modern Family replays its Christmas themed ‘Express Christmas’ episode from last season (1st aired 12/7/11).

Historically, repeats draw only a fraction of the social comment volume and quality when compared to posts written when the episode was first aired.  Sidecastr offers a great antidote to that by starting with a base of curated tweets captured live from first airing, playing them back in sync with its repeat airing, along with new comments, replies, and user curation (thumbs up/down, flagged as inappropriate) added by time-shifted users along the way.

Here is this week’s coverage schedule of new episodes:

Week of 10/28 – 11/3: If Sandy leaves you with power, it’s a good week for TV…


Okay, practically the whole Northeast is pre-occupied with Hurricane Sandy – and rightly so.  The Presidential Debates are over, the World Series might be a short one, and fall TV – for those with power – is getting back to normal.

Sidecastr’s week to week fall coverage schedule continues to rank highly in Social TV metrics as tracked by SoicialGuide:  for last week, The Presidential Debates ranked #1 overall, The Walking Dead was last week’s #1 ranked series.  Steelers vs. Bengals, The Voice, Saturday Night Live, The Big Bang Theory, and How I Met Your Mother all ranked among the top 25 shows for last week.

For those who are planning to catch up or watch repeats of Sidecastr’s covered shows, open up Sidecastr while you watch and let us bring live captured social stream conversation to you.  This might help on Thursday night in the 9 – 10 slot, where Glee repeat is a likely filler if the World Series has ended by then

Here’s our full schedule for the week of 10/28

Week of 10/14 – 10/20: The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere + #3 Presidential Debate

There is perhaps a no more perfect of show for Sidecastr’s brand of social TV than The Walking Dead.  It’s highly requested by our users, ranks consistently high on various social TV leaderboards, has a large set of interesting and intelligent real-time tweets to choose from, and it’s is watched repeatedly and highly time-shifted on various streaming sites and devices as well as on traditional TV.  So we can’t wait to start social stream coverage tonight (Sun 10/14 @ 9p ET) on AMC.  The 3rd Presidential Debate is up this week from Hofstra University, this time on Tuesday 10/16 (@9p ET on various networks).

Last week’s Sunday Night Football selections by social DJ and NFL superfan Lauren Antos  were excellent and so well received by our users that we are excited to announce that Lauren has been signed as a free agent 😉 to DJ the remainder of the SNF 2012/13 schedule!  She covers tonights Sunday night’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the undefeated Houston Texans.

Here’s our full schedule for the week of 10/14 + timeline of upcoming special events:

Week of 9/30 – 10/6: Presidential Debate #1(CNN + all major networks)

Sidecastr’s 2nd screen coverage of the top social TV shows kicked off with a bang last week.  Because we take many of our cues on which shows to cover based on published metrics of social tv comment volume, we can’t tell you how pleased we are to be covering all the Presidential Debates, beginning with debate #1 this Wed 10/3.  These debates will no doubt not only rocket past our social volume criteria, but will also give Sidecastr the opportunity help pioneer social TV’s role in the promotion of an informed citizenry.

Those of you who experienced Sidecastr for iPad’s curated live social stream during the political conventions last month know how our process of needing to fill all categories with a well-paced selection of the best, most insightful tweets rolling by helps insure that our subject matter experts – our social DJs – select a balanced distillation of comments.  Let us know if you agree.  We’ve chosen to use CNN’s broadcast of the debates, but our syncing capabilities should allow you to watch most of the time on any channel, except during the network commentary, which will of course be different from network to network.

Here’s our full schedule for the week of 9/30 + timeline of upcoming special events:

Week of 9/23 – 9/29: Fall TV Season Officially Begins!

The 3rd week of September is traditionally launch week for Fall TV.  And for Sidecastr, it’s also rollout week for our Fall TV Coverage.

This week we are initiating live coverage of the social stream for these highly social and frequently requested series from our users:

  • How I Met Your Mother (CBS Mondays 8 – 8:30p)
  • NCIS (CBS Tuesdays 8 – 9p)
  • Modern Family (ABC Wednesdays 8 – 8:30p)
  • The Big Bang Theory (CBS Thursdays 8 – 8:30p)
  • Two and a Half Men (CBS Thursdays 8:30 – 9p)

We’ve also published our Fall Special Events timeline.  This week there are 2:

  • The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards (ABC Sunday 8 – 11p)
  • SNL: Weekend Edition Thursday (NBC Thursday 8 – 8:30p)

And all of this on top of recently initiated coverage of Sunday Night Football, The Voice, and Glee.  And if we’re really trying to pile on: we have over 250 hours of archived shows available for repeat and time-shifted viewing.  Whew!

Here’s our full schedule for the week of 9/23 + timeline of upcoming special events:

Week of 9/16 – 9/22: Sunday Night Football coverage started

Quick: what’s the most popular show of any kind on TV?  NBC’s Sunday Night Football actually attracts more viewers than any other show on television, averaging almost 21 millions viewers per game in 2011 and drew 27.6 million for last week’s season opener Broncos / Steelers game.  Does that translate into high social TV rankings?  Absolutely.  To illustrate, according to Social Guide, last weeks’s Sunday night game generated 787K live tweets from 360K unique users.  By distilling and organizing so many in real time, we think Sidecastr can offer its users high value for these kinds of events

Also up this week: two primetime specials.  We’re already covering SNL at its regular time on Saturday nights, and we’re planning on covering each Presidential Debate.  So it was a natural for us to cover SNL: Primetime Election Special (NBC) on Thursday from 8p – 8:30p ET.  And since we’re a fan centric app about TV, it was also impossible to not cover 20/20’s special on Tuesday from 9p – 11p ET: Best in TV: The Greatest TV Shows of Our Time (ABC), which were selected from over 1million fan votes over the summer.

Here’s our full schedule for the week of 9/16: