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Happy Thanksgiving: Week of 11/18 – 11/24 – Football + New + Reruns

Thanksgiving traditionally brings us collegiate and NFL Football, reruns, and more reruns.  We here at Sidecastr love reruns because it gives us our users a chance to both replay and add to the DVR’d twitter and social stream originally curated during each show’s premiere.  But this week also has it’s fair share of new episodes, including The Walking Dead, 2 nights of The Voice, NCIS (part II of its excellent Shell Shock series), and in a daring move on Fox’s part, an all new Glee on Thursday night up against the Pats vs. the Jets nationally televised game on NBC.

Other than that, Sidecastr for iPad users can enjoy rerunning the curated social stream for Modern Family’s repeat of this season’s opener (Wed) and second epiosde (Thu), Big Bang Theory fans can relive the season 6 opener (9p ET on Thu), and SNL fans can replay captured social for this season’s Ep 2 originally aired 9/22.

See the weekly schedule here:

Week of 11/11: The entering the meaty middle of Fall TV

Presidential elections, hurricanes, and fall specials all take a break this week while Sidecastr’s coverage of the top rated social TV series all enter the post premiere and pre finale ‘meat’ of their seasons.

Here’s our latest coverage schedule for the week of 11/11:

Sidecastr for iPad V1.1 Released!

Adds FB integration featuring timed playback of comments from FB friends synced to when each is watching. So… have conversations with friends captured against the timeline of a show, even when you can’t all watch at the same time!

More Facebook features: post Sidecasts to your timeline along with a screen-cap image of the scene; check-in to shows to record what you watch and alert your friends to join you.

Read the full description and get it here: