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Lost Remote: Sidecastr update allows synched conversations with Facebook friends even when you can’t watch together

Sidecastr’s new release brings to light one of the most important issues facing social TV – time shifting. It’s still impossible to go on social if you’re behind on one of your favorite, buzz worthy shows. Sidecastr is trying to solve this on their platform by  having “conversations with friends captured against the timeline of a show, even when you can’t all watch at the same time”.

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Boston Globe: New App Aims to Link Tweets, TV Shows

An iPad app from a Weston start-up, Sidecastr, wants to make it easy for you to peruse snarky, insightful, and funny tweets about your favorite TV shows — even if you’re not watching the broadcasts live…  The app’s design is nifty… The tweets were well-chosen….

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11/6/12 Economy: Sidecastr’s iPad app displays tweets related to TV shows — even if you’re not watching live

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Lost Remote: Sidecastr launches, joins competition for the second screen

Boston-based startup Sidecastr has recently emerged out of stealth mode, the latest second screen app to hit the social TV world. Available now for iPad, the app has a mission “no less than becoming the ‘social network for social TV,’” according to Steven Brand, the Harvard-educated founder and CEO. In the face of stiff competition, here’s a look at what Sidecastr says makes the app unique.

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148 AppsSidecastr Turns The Past Into The Future

There is nothing more frustrating that having the plot of a show spoiled, thanks to some oversharing fan on twitter.  That said, some people love to see the realtime reactions of social media during their favorite shows.  The invention of DVR and video streaming services complicates matters even further, because now consumers can watch whatever they want, whenever they want.

For those that like the best of television on demand and social media, there is a new indispensable application that must be added to your arsenal: Sidecastr.  This innovative tool allows you to follow what happened in the twitterverse, almost as if it were on taped delay.  Using the internal iPad microphone to determine where the viewer is, Sidecastr syncs up the world’s reactions, like they were watching the program right along with you.

The best part is that this awesome new app is available at no charge.  So what are you waiting for?  Take it out for a test spin and let us know what you think.

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Disruptomatic: Sidecastr social TV app is a tweet-timeshifter.  Well, timeshiftr

The problem with a lot of social TV apps is that you have to use them at a specific time. Zeebox is no use to you for Mad Men episodes if you’re time-shifting them a few hours or days after their initial airing.

Sidecastr is a US iPad app that aims to be more useful. If you’re timeshifting your TV viewing, it timeshifts the best tweets about that show too. And it then even timeshifts your own (timeshifted) tweets. It’s enough to make your head spin.

“Sidecastr lets you experience a moment by moment replay of the best of the social TV content stream, even when you’re watching later. And because Sidecastr’s storage and playback of the social stream remains alive indefinitely, you can even add new comments long after an episode first airs, which in turn reaches fans who are watching after you.”

For now it’s Twitter-focused, although Facebook features are apparently coming in the next update. Most definitely one to watch – not least for a battle royale to come in the US with Zeebox (on its way across the Atlantic as we speak), Shazam, GetGlue, Miso and others.

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The Guardian (UK): Sidecastr for iPad

Just ahead of Zeebox’s debut in the US, it has a second-screen social TV app rival: Sidecastr.  The app pulls in and organises tweets around specific shows, but more importantly shows them in sync with an episode.  Say you’re watching a recorded episode of Breaking Bad a day after it aired – Sidecastr will show you what people were saying at the time

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The Appside: Sidecastr social TV app time shifts tweets for second screen viewers

Here’s the great problem with second-screen social activity around TV shows: it’s only good if you’re watching a show when it’s on-air, rather than time-shifted to a few hours or even days later. If the latest Mad Men episode airs on a Wednesday but you watch on Friday, you can’t enjoy all the tweets.

Or can you?

iPad app Sidecastr aims to timeshift social media activity around TV shows, using the iPad mic to detect where viewers are in a show, then serving up the comments. Both then and if used to watch live, it performs a curatorial role too: “a fast paced stream of the most representative, opinionated, and entertaining tweets – without the spam and redundancy”.

Very intriguing, but US-only for now. Shows supported this summer include Breaking Bad, Teen Wolf and the Olympic Games, as well as archive episodes from Mad Men, Glee, Modern Family and The Voice. The company says more Facebook features will be added in the next update, too.

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Sidecastr named 2012 Social TV Awards Finalist in the Best Social TV Integration of Twitter category!

Sidecastr was chosen by an independent panel of judges to be one of three finalists in the Best Social TV Integration of Twitter category for its newly released Sidecastr for iPad™ app.  The contest “awards excellence to the leading players in the fast moving Social TV space”.  Winners will be announced, the night before The Social TV Summit Los Angeles at Gala Event at the Bel-Air Country Club, July 17th, with Billy Bush, Host of Access Hollywood as the Master of Ceremonies.

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