SOTU Address 2013: A Visual and Revealing Look Into Social Media’s Real-Time Reactions

Sidecastr mines its database of curated, live-captured social content to offer up a revealing visual look into social media’s real-time reaction to the 2013 State of the Union Address.

Twitter acquiring Bluefin Labs, its second Cambridge acquisition in just over a week

Twitter acquiring Bluefin Labs, its second Cambridge acquisition in just over a week.

Congratulations to Bluefin!  My take: Bluefin’s real-time analytics gives Twitter better and faster insights into the preferences and predilections of its users based on what we tweet and the context of where/when we tweet, increasing the service’s value to marketers.  Starting in social TV, but not limited to it.

Week of 1/13: Suits (USA) returns and The Bachelor coverage begins

We’re excited to see Suits (USA) return to the schedule, and not just because creator Aaron Korsh is Sidecastr advisor Eric Korsh’s brother!  It’s an awesome show with excellent volume and quality of fan tweets and social comments – they really add insight, emotion, and entertainment value to the co-viewing experience.

We’ve also initiated coverage of season 17 of ABC’s The Bachelor after the season premiere scored highly on Social Guide’s weekly chart.  Finally, How I Met Your Mother and Saturday Night Live also both return this week for their winter premieres

Interesting analysis by Twitter UK of tweeting during TV. One interesting stat: 40% of all tweets mention TV in some form. But disappointed that there is no analysis on tweet consumption, only on timing and volume of posts.

Downton Abbey (PBS), Scandal (ABC) Added to Sidecastr’s Covered Shows

We at Sidecastr have been anxiously awaiting the PBS premiere of Downton Abbey Season 3 so we can begin coverage.  We are happy to tell all the Sidecastr fans who have been madly requesting it, that the day has finally arrived!  Social stream coverage begins Sunday 1/6 from 9 -11p ET on PBS.

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve added ABC’s Scandal (10p Thursdays) to our covered shows list.  We think this is an up and comer show so we’ve made an exception to our rule and initiated coverage at the mid-season mark.

This week is a big one for Winter Premieres: Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family), NCIS (CBS), and Modern Family (ABC) all start up their seasons again beginning this week.

But the biggest event of all this week will no doubt be the NCAA Bowl Championship Series contest between #2 Alabama and #1 Notre Dame on Monday Night (ESPN 8:30p – whenever ET).

Here’s the weekly schedule: