Week of 12/2: Hiatus week for NCIS, Mod Fam = repeats = no problem

December – usually mid – begins holiday specials month, and some serials begin to take a ‘sabbatical’ for a few weeks to make room.  We’re a little early for that, as Walking Dead, HIMYM, BBT, TAHM, Glee, and SNL all have new episodes.  But NCIS makes room for the kids’ classic ‘Rudolf…’, and Modern Family replays its Christmas themed ‘Express Christmas’ episode from last season (1st aired 12/7/11).

Historically, repeats draw only a fraction of the social comment volume and quality when compared to posts written when the episode was first aired.  Sidecastr offers a great antidote to that by starting with a base of curated tweets captured live from first airing, playing them back in sync with its repeat airing, along with new comments, replies, and user curation (thumbs up/down, flagged as inappropriate) added by time-shifted users along the way.

Here is this week’s coverage schedule of new episodes:

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