Lauren Antos, NFL superfan and Sidecastr’s social stream DJ for tonight’s Sunday Night Football (NBC)

As our users are most likely aware, Sidecastr recruits ‘superfans’ – at least one for every show and episode we cover – to ‘DJ’ the social stream while watching live TV.  How and why we’ve made this a core piece of the Sidecastr experience is briefly overviewed in an FAQ on our website, and will be covered in more depth in an upcoming blog post right here.

But we have heard from users that they’d like to learn a little bit more about who these DJ’s are.

Tonight’s Sunday Night Football (San Diego Chargers vs. New Orleans Saints @8:20p ET NBC) social stream is being DJ’d by @laurenantos.  Here’s Lauren’s twitter pic:

By day, Lauren is co-founder and head designer for a hot, up and coming women’s fashion and clothing company, Lilly and Migs.  What are the chances, you’re wondering, that an attractive and talented woman from the fashion industry is also a hard core NFL superfan…

The seeming contradiction is what makes her story that much more compelling.  Make no mistake about it, Lauren’s passion, which stretches back to her childhood (hometown: Endicott, NY) has been about all things pro football.  Not coincidentally (and perhaps in part due to her interests), she was married to high school sweetheart Isaiah Kacyvenski (linebacker Seattle Seahawks 2000 – 2006 + St. Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders, retired 2008), with whom she has two children.  Besides having an amazing recall of stats and figures and NFL history, she has met many of the players personally. And to top it off, Lauren is a social media maven, with active Twitter and Facebook accounts for both her business and personal lives.  So yes, you might say she knows pro football inside and out!

To experience Lauren’s selection of tweets during tonight’s game, tune your Sidecastr for iPad to Sunday Night Football while you’re watching live starting at 8:20p ET on NBC, or time-shifted.  Good luck Lauren!

2 thoughts on “Lauren Antos, NFL superfan and Sidecastr’s social stream DJ for tonight’s Sunday Night Football (NBC)

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