Week of 9/16 – 9/22: Sunday Night Football coverage started

Quick: what’s the most popular show of any kind on TV?  NBC’s Sunday Night Football actually attracts more viewers than any other show on television, averaging almost 21 millions viewers per game in 2011 and drew 27.6 million for last week’s season opener Broncos / Steelers game.  Does that translate into high social TV rankings?  Absolutely.  To illustrate, according to Social Guide, last weeks’s Sunday night game generated 787K live tweets from 360K unique users.  By distilling and organizing so many in real time, we think Sidecastr can offer its users high value for these kinds of events

Also up this week: two primetime specials.  We’re already covering SNL at its regular time on Saturday nights, and we’re planning on covering each Presidential Debate.  So it was a natural for us to cover SNL: Primetime Election Special (NBC) on Thursday from 8p – 8:30p ET.  And since we’re a fan centric app about TV, it was also impossible to not cover 20/20’s special on Tuesday from 9p – 11p ET: Best in TV: The Greatest TV Shows of Our Time (ABC), which were selected from over 1million fan votes over the summer.

Here’s our full schedule for the week of 9/16:

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