Week of Aug 12 – Aug 18: Teen Wolf Finale, Martin Sheen as Charlie’s Dad on Anger Management

The Olympics were an amazing social TV watershed moment, which not only served to entertain but truly affected the way NBC adjusted their coverage.  Case in point: overly chatty non-sports anchors for the opening ceremonies were displaced by much less intrusive anchors with sports cred (Al Michaels + Bob Costas).  Plus the live online streaming of the full closing ceremony was an unplanned addition made after the social media feedback demanded it after the opening.  Sidecastr was your companion for all 66 hours of primetime coverage over 17 days!   Now we return to a more sane schedule ;-).

This week Teen Wolf ends a very successful season 2.  And Anger Management features Charlie Sheen’s real life dad Martin Sheen in a bid to re-ignite audience interest int the show in Thursday’s episode of Anger Management on FX.

Here’s our full schedule for the week of 8/12*:

* XXX Olympics, NBC Primetime series will be removed from Sidecastr’s active archive after 8/18, so if you want to relive any DVR’d primetime coverage, be sure to do it by then

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